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Bryan Scholz - A Conservative Republican for Idaho Senate
District 33

I'm many things. Entrepreneur, businessman, techie. Proud father and husband. Someone who's happy to have made Idaho and Idaho Falls home after having lived and worked much of my life abroad.

Working extensively in the tech scene in the US and Europe has given me a firm ability to understand emerging technologies. It has also given me broad perspectives on how other states and other countries do things differently. Western Europe and the West Coast of America were some of the freest and most innovative places when I was a kid. I've watched firsthand as that slowly changed. 


With Ron Paul in DC

The last Senate race was my first time running for office, but it wasn't my first involvement in politics or running a campaign. There've been congressional races, presidential races. Advocacy for healthy food, sane immigration policies, wilderness protection, health freedom, and against a neocon foreign policy that no longer knows the meaning of peacetime.


With Nigel Farage in Berlin

 I have four young kids. I was motivated to leave the world better than I found it before they came along, and now that's only increased. Will they have the same opportunities that I had to speak freely, the same chances to advance themselves economically, a functioning republic? My family has deep ties to Europe, and my forefathers also fought under George Washington. I believe that both these aspects influence my opinions in positive ways. They offer a sense of perspective and continuity.

Daughter Freyja posing for a Western Price Newsletter


Freedom isn't just about the First and Second Amendments, though they do serve to protect the others. It is about the freedom of parents to send their kids to the schools of their choice or homeschool. Freedom from vaccine and health care requirements for oneself and one's family. Freedom to take personal responsibility to buy and consume raw milk or foods prepared in home kitchens (read: Wyoming Food Freedom Act). It is about the right for chiropractors and alternative health care professionals to treat people without getting buried in burdensome regulations. It is about the right of property owners to run small businesses out of their home or be able to Airbnb their house without having to worry about the rules changing with the whims of the local city council.

And all the beautiful things that define who we are and what we need to protect. I will fight for your rights.




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