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Stop Wokism

Everything about Wokism is like a creeping cancer that is devouring our society. The DEI, ESG scores, defunding the police and the promotion of a transgender agenda are all designed to destabilize our society. Many would argue, by design.

  • We have to codify people's rights to speak out against these issues, without fear of getting fired or lawfared out of existence.
  • We have to defund any government agencies that use public money to promote these agendas.
  • We need to give people the ability to seek redress of their Idaho Constitutional rights to free speech in Idaho State courts. People are currently limited to seeking redress in the Federal Courts, which is a difficult and lengthy process.
  • And according to over 1900 scientists and signatories of the World Climate Declaration – including two Nobel Prize winners – There is No Climate Emergency. Let's stop legislation that suggests it is settled science justifying massive changes to our economy and personal lives. 

Fight Illegal Immigration 

Under the Trump administration, efforts were made to secure the border and ensure only legal immigrants were allowed into this country. The current administration immediately changed that, opening the border and rolling back every sensible policy they could and encouraging a full-scale invasion of illegal migrants like we’ve never seen in our history.

Millions upon millions of illegals have entered the country, and no one knows their identity or intentions. There has been vitually no vetting process. Border Patrol has been instructed to refrain from taking action and instead functions more like a hospitality service, facilitating their passage. The Biden administration is even flying illegals directly into the country, see "Treason!": Bombshell Report Reveals Biden Has Secretly Flown 320,000 Illegals INTO The United States. We are literally being flooded with illegals, straining municipal and state budgets, all at the expense of American citizens. 

While it is easy for our State representatives to stand aside and say it is a federal issue, we need representatives that will push back wherever they can. Maybe Idaho needs to consider nullification of unconstitutional laws. Or arrest the people who are transporting or hiring illegals in Idaho. The stakes are so high. We are already seeing the effects of massive waves of immigration here in East Idaho. In our shelters, on our streets, and in our court systems. 

Our country and our State are at risk, and we can not just defer to our dysfunctional Federal government for solutions.

Rein in Spending

A lot of people are just waiting for Trump to get elected to fix things. Many of us for the third time! But as much as Trump did that was good, reining in deficit spending or reducing the national debt wasn't among those things. And depending on Trump to get elected again, and being allowed to take office, is hardly a plan. We've been here before. Trump is facing unprecedented lawfare—Navarro was actually jailed (see "They Came For Me, They Can Come For You" - Former Trump Adviser Peter Navarro Reports To Prison)—and there haven't been significant improvements in election security since the 2020 debacle. Trump's election is hardly a forgone conclusion. 

We need to be optimistic but prepare for the worst. We need to cut spending and our reliance on Federal government programs. There are always strings attached.

No to Endless Wars

Though people will often take sides in a conflict, very few people outside the Washington bubble are in favor of these expensive and pointless wars. For the better part of 25 years, the United States has pursued an extensive endeavor to reshape the world according to its own ideals. We've become the policemen of the world. The consequences of actions taken by both Republican and Democratic administrations have been profoundly destructive, affecting our servicemen and women, innocent civilians in foreign lands, our economy, and our international standing. The principles of "peace through strength" and Congress's constitutional duty to declare war have seemingly been disregarded. War is a racket, and we have been a country continually at war since 9/11.

These endless wars that our nation has been entangled in over the past twenty-five years, largely due to the mishandling and misconduct of politicians in Washington, has yielded bad outcomes. These wars have not only diminished our sense of security but have imposed a significant burden on our economy and diverted vital resources away from the well-being of the American people.

A first step to resist this is to support and pass the Defend the Guard Act. Brian Almon of the Gem State Chronicle eloquently described how this legislation was just scuppered for the second time in his article, The Military / Industrial Complex Comes to Idaho.

There may be other ways to resist this Federal tyranny at the State level. We have to be imaginative.

Defend Our Children

The continuous indoctrination of our children, funded by taxpayers, with "woke" ideology will have profound implications for the future of our nation. Research indicates that a person's character and personality are significantly influenced during their formative years. The damage will be difficult to undo.

  • Implement a ban on sex change operations and the utilization of puberty blockers.
  • Initiate legal action against medical practitioners involved in performing these procedures.
  • Cease the inappropriate sexualization of children within educational institutions.
  • Prohibit the inclusion of critical race theory in school curricula.

Health and Food Freedom

Idahoans, not the government, should decide what foods to eat and what medical treatments to receive for themselves and their families. I will oppose any attempts to restrict your freedom to make personal health choices. We already know that the government completely screwed up everything related to the rollout of Covid vaccines. There has been a horrible increase in disability and excess mortality. Much of this was just covered in depth at the Capitol Hill hearings put on by Senator Ron Johnson, which can be viewed here in their entirety: Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding?

With health freedom comes food freedom. All across the United States, people are making food at home to sell in their communities. Together, they form a small but growing industry—the homemade or “cottage food” industry. The movement fits within a larger trend toward healthy eating and responsible sourcing, as consumers take greater interest in where their food comes from and who makes it. Many states have legalized the sale of shelf-stable homemade foods in recent years. Wyoming has gone further, adopting a Food Freedom Act in 2015 that allows the sale of nearly all types of homemade foods. The law became even stronger in 2017, 2020, 2021, and 2022 with additional reforms.

Today, Wyoming is the best state for selling homemade food. Idaho has some good protections—let's make them better. 

Consumers also have the right to work with the practitioners of their choice in the pursuit of their own health. Practitioners outside the mainstream need a regulatory environment that allows them to practice their trades without getting buried in rules and paperwork. This applies as well as to chiropractors and midwives, as it does to acupuncturists and physical therapists. Get and keep the state government out of their way unless it is to protect their rights and the rights of their patients to make informed choices.

Property Rights

People have the right to life, liberty and property. There have been attempts recently in Idaho to prevent property owners from renting out properties for short term rentals, either outright or through the imposition of burdensome regulation. People's property rights can not be subject to the whims of city councils. 

The legislature has to be there to support people's right to use their properties under fair use doctrines. I will support the rights of home and property owners to use their property for STR's, as well as the property rights of all Idahoans, in pursuit of their happiness.

Property rights should be inviolate. I will do everything to support property rights - our wealth and prosperity as a society is based on this.

  • No mandates for low income housing & no social engineering
  • The legal use of your land should not be messed with
  • You are allowed to make a profit
  • I will support the lawful use of property

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