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We need a Senator who will defend our prosperity, our rights and our freedoms.



As an Idaho legislator I will

- Vote to support our right to self defense.
- Vote to support medical freedom and privacy.
- Vote to support election integrity.
- Vote to support expanding education freedom.
- Vote to support our protected right to due process.


As an Idaho legislator I will not

- Vote to suppress the speech of citizens or their ability to peacefully assemble.
- Support executive government lockdowns of businesses, churches and nonprofit organizations.
- Vote for any tax or fee increase.
- Vote for any budget or spending bill that expands government.
- Vote to give any new power to the federal government.


What we have now:

Our current Senator has left a lot of people disappointed by a terrible lifetime voting record of 48.8% with the IFF and 45.65% with the Institute for Legislative Analysis

It even gets worse. He was censured this year by his own legislative district for not following the GOP platform. He won the coveted triple F-rating for 2023 – one of the worst records among Republicans in the Senate.

The Democrats didn't even bother to run a candidate in the general. One of the only districts that they've done so. Why would they?

While I will consider bills individually, I will always vote with a view to upholding the Idaho and American Constitutions, your property rights and your individual freedoms.


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